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09. 10. 2016




4.1 and up
Make your own icons!Export individual icons or generate icon packs to be automatically applied to your launcher of choice. Control the color, shape, shadows, icon pack and more of the icons! Add multiple layers to make more complex styles or add an outline for a simple, minimal icon pack.

- Fully featured WYSIWYG editor
- Icon pack support (incorporate other icon packs into your designs)
- Export ready-to-use APK files
- Automatically apply icons to any major launcher
- Dynamic calendar support
- Icon request tool
- Support for individual icon adding (only way to apply to Google Now Launcher)

Pro Features
- Remove ads
- Remove icon request limit
- Access to library of prebuilt icons
- Icon requests are given top priority

Supported edits
- Color (including gradients, single colors, and using apps' own colors)
- Size
- Shape
- Transparency
- Drop shadow
- Position
- Image (static image or apps' original images)
- Filters (various filters including blur filter, and pixelate filter)
- Icon pack (use other icon packs!)
- Longshadow
- "Punch-through" (cut through a layer to see background)
- More to be added in the future!

Permissions Explained
Needed to save icon pack styles to the device for sharing, and also for generating the icon pack.

Needed so users can choose images from their gallery to use as a background for the icons.

Install Shortcuts
Needed so users can export individual icons to their homescreen.

Network Access
Needed to load ads (free version only) and to unlock the pro version with in-app purchases.

Iconstructor Google+ Community
Check out the community here for updates, inspiration and more:

How do I contact you?
Email me at [email protected] or contact me on Google Plus (

How do I work this app?
Check out the FAQ and watch the demo video here on the Play Store! If that doesn't help you, feel free to email me with any questions you have.

How do I use this with Google Now Launcher?
Currently, Google Now Launcher does NOT support icon packs as APKs, so you will have to manually export icons by going to the export page and clicking on the icons individually.

Will this app work this [INSERT LAUNCHER]?
I really haven't tested anything but the top ten or so launchers, but it should have support for most launchers as long as they don't do anything weird. Test it out yourself, and if it works, please let me know!