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六龙御天(Loong Craft)

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07. 14. 2016




2.2 and up
Been wondering why there are no equivalent PC version of The Three Kingdoms games in smartphones?! Why no real strategic battle games of The Three Kingdoms game?!Here comes the Loong Craft.Experience The Ultimate 3D MMO RPG Now!

**Country war for millions of players!Join us now!
** Multiple heroes!Choose your favorite one!
**Best 3D experience!Feel the rush!
** Unify the empire of three kingdom!

Fight against the heroes of legend and unite all in "Loong Craft".
And become the new hero of this era!

Hundreds of the Three Kingdoms heroes in your smart phone!

Cao Cao "I throw the world that does not bend. The world is not going to throw me!"

Zhou Yu "Heavens! Why must we have been placed here together?"

Zhuge Liang "There is no eternal winner in the world of battle. Cao Cao will be defeated one day. We will be the one to achieve the unification of this world!"

Zhang Fei "I'm still waiting for a real challenge!"

Cao Hong "You can conquer the world without me, but we cannot conquer this world without my Emperor! "

Three Kingdoms, a popular game background, which was chased by many three kingdoms fans. 1800 years ago, Warlords were tangled fight. Many three kingdoms’ heroes were famous at then. The Battle of GuanDu, Cao Cao defeated Yuan Shao army of 80,000 to 20,000 troops and established the basic of unified of the north. Another less is more campaign, red cliff, due to the careless and proud, CaoCao were defeated by unite of Shu and Wu. Those historic heroes and campaign will vivid displayer in the game. Come on, now join the game have chance to win amazing prize and talking with famous attractive girls.
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