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Abdulaziz Al-Dbekhi




07. 26. 2016




4.0 and up
The Simplest app for notes!
(Ad-free version)

* App features:

# Taking notes with a simple UI!
# Support Material design!
# Share your notes with who you love.
# A dialog to confirm delete any note.
# No Ads!
# Support change theme and font of the whole app!
# Support change text color, both while you writing a new note or modify another one exiting!
# Support RTL.
# Support links, emails, and phone numbers inside the notes!
# Support Auto Backup for your notes, by using your Gmail account.. And you can restore them automatically (This feature only for Android 6.0 and above)!
# Support Backup for your notes to the internal storage (Without Root!), and you can restore them at any time!

More features coming soon! :)

* Thanks for supporting me.