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09. 21. 2017




4.4 and up
Meet KAIP, a creative, fun and unique Material Design icon pack with a special touch of geekyness and superheroes.

This app needs a supported third party launcher in order to work.

The app brings over 2500 icons themed, 150 variant icons, 30 generic folders, 20 drawerheads, a set of navbar actions, settings shortcuts and 35 Cloud Based wallpapers that blend perfectly with the icon pack.


• Support for every major launcher (Including Action, ADW, Apex, Atom, Aviate, Epic, Go, Holo, Inspire, KK, L, Lucid, Mini, Nemus, Next, Nine, Nova, S, Smart, Solo, TSF and many others)
• Support for CM Theme Engine, LG Home and Xperia Home.
• Built-In Icon request tool [No email required]
• Cloud based wallpapers

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Permissions explained:

• Why does the app need permission to modify or delete content of my storage?
It's needed to be able to write and read icon requests data and files.

• Why does the app need permission to full network access?
It's needed to be able to load the cloud based wallpapers and download them.

• Why does the app need permission to view connections?
It's needed to be able to check if your device has internet connection.