Cheese warehouse – Find cheese

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08. 30. 2016




4.0.3 and up
Cheese warehouse – Find cheese is a new intellectual game on Google play inspired by the story of a hungry mouse looking for cheese in an old warehouse. The mouse has to face lots of obstacles on the way of finding the delicious cheese pieces. Let’s help him quickly get the cheese!
Players will go each challenge with higher difficulty. The obstacles gradually appear in this game. When you interact with them, you will get acquainted and achieve interesting gameplay.
Cheese warehouse – Find cheese requires you being competent with logical thoughts. Each item contains different features, so players have to flexibly use and think logically to get the right plan and be the winner. Currently, we developed 27 stages with 3 levels: Tutolrial, Nomal, Hard. And there are more and more stages for the upcoming time.
Cheese warehouse – Find cheese game shows the intellect, nice graphics, and relaxing sound. So, you will get both attractive competition and relaxing time after working as well.
Main information:
- 27 stages included with three levels from easy to difficult
- 8 items included in this game and one by one appear and follow the level and difficulty.
- The mission for players is supporting the mouse to overcome this way for getting the tasty cheese (the mouse is able to move or jump step by step ONLY)
- When players face to some difficulties, feel free to visit support page to acknowledge about more specific details of each item.
- Let’s show how smart you are in each stage for intellectual steps! Please give 5 -star rating to encourage the passion of creatingintellectual games from Cheese for Mice – Find Cheese team. Don’t forget to share this awesome game on Facebook and other social networks.
Wish you a great time and thanks for playing!