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04. 07. 2016




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The Quint is content with intelligence. The Quint is content for mobile discovery and sharing – quickly, visually, socially. The Quint is popular, digital journalism -- a smooth blend of video, audio and text for an immersive experience.

The Quint is hard news made easy.

The Quint App is fast, smart and light, with intuitive features. Its cardified User Interface enables bite-sized consumption and sharing.

The Quint cuts the noise and offers a modern, sharp take on the world, guiding you through topics ranging from Politics, Bollywood, Cricket, to Business, Food and everything else that matters.

The Quint is Truth For The Youth.

Watch quirky movie reviews and stand-ups. Catch up on the what’s trending and web-culture. Get live and in-depth coverage of news and events.

The Quint is a compelling combo of content, tech and energy.

Enter The Quint. UnScrew The World.