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01. 25. 2017




4.0 and up
End of Sales & End of Life Notices

Dear customers,
In order to provide the best software and product support for our customers, we must periodically retire older versions of the software. This enables us to dedicate all our resources in delivering the latest features, enhancements and support to our current version used by most customers.

Thinkfree Mobile Pro will be no longer available in Google Play Store for a new purchase, while existing customer can still access their previous purchase from Google Play Store.

End-of-Sale Announcement for Thinkfree Mobile Pro
Thinkfree Mobile Pro will be not be available for purchase as of February 28th, 2017. Customers using this product can update to the latest version of Thinkfree Mobile Pro after January 26, 2017 and continue to use it without expiration.

I have purchased Thinkfree Mobile Pro earlier. Will I be able to re-install ThinkFree Mobile Pro in the future?
After February 28th, 2017, you may install Thinkfree Mobile Pro by searching for “Thinkfree Mobile Pro” in Google Play Store of your Android smartphones or tablets.


'Thinkfree Mobile Pro' provides the fastest and easiest way of document work on Android mobile devices.

Main Features:

■ Preference
- OS : Android 4.4.x, 5.0.x, 6.0.x, 7.0

■ Thinkfree Mobile Pro highlights
1. Word processor
- Bullets/Numbering
- Header/Footer, Footnote/Endnote
- Comments
- Equation/Picture/Shapes
- Page Layout

2. Spreadsheet
- Charts
- Borders
- Format Cells
- Objects (Shapes, Picture, Object styles)
- Conditional formatting
- Freeze Panes
- Switch Sheet Direction
- Auto Filter
- Show/Hide comments

3. Presentation
- Comments
- Insert Video
- Charts
- Image
- Shape Style
- Dot Laser Pointer function support

4. PDF
- Insert comments on PDF file
- Highlights and comments
- Insert Text Box
- Insert Shapes and Arrows

■ Supporting file formats
- Import : txt, rtf, dot, doc, docx, dotx, wbk, hwdt
csv, xls, xlt, xlsm, xltx, xlsx, cell, cbk
pptx, ppt, potx, pot, ppsx, pps, show, sbk
- Export : txt, doc, docx, pdf, xls, xlsx, cell, pptx, ppt, show

■ Notes
- In case application is shut down when create new document or create document with template, please reinstall the application
- You can only open document read-only when open files from SD card