Sky Invasion

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05. 26. 2016




2.3 and up
Your mission is to protect Earth from enemies invasion. You have 3 options to select jet fighter with different capabilities and powers. You can control the jet's movement using touch control.

As you progress, you can collect weapons upgrade to boost up the jet's power. Additionally, you can take control of the battle with usage of shield and bomb.

Game Features:
- Collect emergency repair kit to recover jet’s life by 20%.
- Full repair kit. It can be purchased from the store.
- Collect combat supply (Bombs and Shields)
- Super plasma and rapid pulse laser weapon upgrade that can cause high damage
- Collect active radar missile that chase after 2 visible enemies upon launching

Let the invasion begin and enjoy the amazing shooting experiences! Achieve your best score and fight for the top ranking in the leaderboard!

* Does not support Android 6.0 and above

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