Toolbox for Pokemon Go

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08. 24. 2016




4.1 and up
★Do you play Pokemon Go? You know how the game works, and you want to be a better player everyday.★

⫸This app is a complete toolbox to manage your game. You can find these three functions:

⦿ PokeChecker: to know in real time if servers are working fine (ONLINE) or if there is a problem (UNSTABLE). You can also add the WIDGET of this function to your homescreen!

⦿ Optimizer: this function puts your smartphone in the best gaming conditions:

➪GPS: improve precision for GPS ✔️
➪BATTERY DRAIN: diminish battery consumption ✔️
➪CONNECTION: connect faster to the game ✔️
➪PHONE WARM: cool down the phone ✔️
➪OPTIMIZE: your smartphone performance all dedicated to your game ✔️
➪ACTIVE LOCKSCREEN: lock the screen and put your phone in your pocket. The game will be still running to hatch eggs and discover new Pokemon! Also saves battery and time ✔️

All you have to do is to tap on OPTIMIZE before opening the game and... Go!

⦿ Hatch eggs: Be always in control of your speed to stay under 30 km/h while hatching eggs.

➠ ALWAYS KNOW if you are under 30 km/h
➠ HATCH your eggs in Pokemon Go
➠ JUST RESPECT a simple rule: don't go faster than 30 km/h

This function puts a speed signal up in your screen (in game too!). It is GREEN if you respect the rule, and is RED if you need to slow down to take care of your eggs. You can freely move the signal around the screen as you like.

[This is not an official app by The Pokémon Company, Niantic, Pokémon Go or Nintendo.]