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04. 26. 2016




5.0 and up
Eliminate time zones. Make scheduling a breeze. Work as if you’re in the same office.

If you have remote-working teams or clients who are located around the world, you know that keeping everyone on the same page can be a huge challenge.

With Shift, we are revolutionizing the world of working remote, and changing the way people think about physical distances and time zones.

Shift offers a number of functionalities to make your work life a lot easier:

• Make your calls work for everyone. Schedule calls across time zones, and know right away what the time of the event is in each location.
• Know immediately whether you’ve got time in your calendar to take the call.
• Invite your contacts, your colleagues and your clients with ease, right through the app.

Physical offices are not the primary workspaces of today’s world. Use Shift to keep everyone organized in your modern, virtual offices.