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Daniel Schott




02. 10. 2018




7.0 and up
Don't apply status bar icons overlay on Oreo, because they can only partially be themed at the moment and therefore some icons disappear when that overlay is applied on O!

self-made icons

This theme will NOT work on a Samsung device

This theme works on Pixel/Nexus devices with Stock Android Oreo. On other devices like Sony it only works partially with Stock Rom. Install at your own risk there
(I wouldn‘t apply status bar icons overlay on Oreo because the icons can only be partially themed and it doesn‘t look that good at the moment)

I strongly advise you to only use this theme on OMS Roms.

Use at your own risk on Stock/Legacy Roms (Except for Stock Oreo)! there can be small/big bugs (Bootloops/not working at all), depending on your Rom/phone!

If you use ProjectFi: DON'T apply status bar icons overlay!

Beta versions in general are not supported.
They are updated to often and it's just impossible to keep up with

xhdpi,xxhdpi,xxxhdpi are officially supported! It should work on lower dpi phones too but there might be some issues!

You can choose between 35 accent colors and 9 background colors

Find a list of themed apps here:

If you have any issues or requests don't hesitate to contact me via email!

follow me on Google+ for more info:

Thanks to the themer's chat for a lot of helpful input!!!
Thanks to David Wilson and his Open Source theme , which helped me massively with some overlays!