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03. 23. 2018




4.2 and up
Vape Tool saves your time and money, by making only perfect Coils and E-Liquids

Would you like to knowresistance of Coilyou are going to build ?
Would you like to know how toprepareyour ownE-Liquid?
Would you like to knowmin. resistanceandMax Vape Currentfor every 18650 battery ?
Vape Tool Prois huge arsenal for every vaper.
User friendly design.
For beginners and advanced vapers.

Pro Version Features:
-More coil types in Coil Calculator (15 coil types at the moment)
-Custom coil type - where you can build almost every possible coil type
-Advanced Sweet Spot Finder
-Consuming flavors feature (Tracking flavors amount left)
-Wires lobby
-Wires length needed to build coil
-E-Juice Pie chart
-Min. Resistance fer batteries
-Batteries Chart
-Fast Ohm Law calculator widget
-Custom number of core strands in Fused Clapton builds
-I'm still working on new features.
-No Ads
-Steam Engine feature
-Support project :)

Coil Calculator/Coil Wrapping: help you calculate perfect coils, number for wraps or resistance based on wraps ! Works similar to Steam Engine it support multi-coil setups, types likeClapton Coil,Parallel Coil,Twisted Coil,Ribbon Wireand diffrent wire materials
Sweet Spot Finder: Shows you the wattage sweet spot for your coil setup.
Liquid Blender Calculator: will help you make and calculate e-liquids and calculate thier final cost. You can save recipes and share with your friends.
FAQ Articles: read aboutE-Ciggaretes,MODs,BOXs,Coil Builds,Mechanical Mods,E-Liquids,Atomizers,Accessoriesetc.
Battery Life: allows you to calculate estimated runtime on your mechanical mods and estimated puffs
Ohm Law calculator: based on ohm law, you will be able to calculate Voltage [V], Resistance [Ω], Current [A], Power [W]
AWG converter: provide easy conversion from AWG to mm

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