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11. 01. 2016




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The latest trending viral content selected by artificial intelligence with your convenience in mind.

In today’s modern age, you shouldn’t have to scavenge the internet to find what you want, it should be available to you, with a press of a button, when you want it! You no longer need to spend all your time trying to find the latest trending and viral content to stay up to date because TopBuzz gives you exactly what you want without wasting your time! Our algorithm, powered by artificial intelligence, delivers you the most relevant and trending contents across videos, GIFs, articles and all things viral.


Everything in One App
All your favorite content imaginable displayed in a single app. News, Videos, GIFs and more, all are sourced and consumed directly inside TopBuzz. We source from the best content providers and publications (we’re not going to mention them, but you know who we’re talking about). With our wide selection of trending content, you will never be bored again as you have access to all categories but not limited to Sports, Tech, Lifestyle, Fashion, Entertainment, or News. Everything in one place and you never have to leave it! EVER!!!

Personalized Content for You
Whether you’re an avid video binger, GIF connoisseur, or TV addict, the TopBuzz app has exactly what you need. Our sophisticated AI-powered algorithm analyzes the way you use the app and will automatically recommend viral videos, trending news articles, and amusing GIFs tailored specifically to your liking. We are the only content hub you need that delivers a personalized news feed, including videos, based on your personal interests. The more you use TopBuzz, the better it gets! You will use us more than your flashlight app!

You Get Only The Best
We source and curate the latest and greatest content from today’s leading publishers in News, Sports, Tech, Lifestyle, Fashion, Entertainment, and more! We don’t mess around when it comes to providing high quality content. Our team of content aficionados make sure we partner with the best content providers while our state-of-the-art artificial intelligence tool adds another layer of curation to make sure we only deliver the best of the best content. Trust us, we take content seriously!

Instant Viral Content at Your Fingertips
Time to get rid of that old TV of yours because we have something exciting to share. Remember how you had to wait seconds for your GIFs and News to load, whether they were for Sports, Tech, Lifestyle, Fashion, Entertainment, or even the Weather. Well that is no longer the case with TopBuzz. With our app you can access all the GIFs and News, whether they were for Sports, Tech, Lifestyle, Fashion, Entertainment, or Weather, instantly without waiting. This is faster than TV. And if you’re looking for videos in Sports, Tech, Lifestyle, Fashion, Entertainment, or News, we’re better than TV too and have them all available at your fingertip, instantly. No longer will you need a flashlight to read in the dark or sit in front of your TV because everything now, including taking photos or indulging in entertainment, you now have TopBuzz to get all your trending viral content in one place. Welcome to the future.

Life’s too short. Spend your time doing things that matter to you and leave the heavy lifting to us when it comes to finding interesting content worth your time. Now go out and use your free time to explore the world. Bring your flashlight, your camera to take photos, and your phone so you can stay up-to-date with the latest viral trends and ideas on TopBuzz.

Your feedback matters and we want to create the best experience for you! If you have any questions, suggestions, or feedback, please email us at: [email protected]