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04. 13. 2018




\342\234\224 Smart AppLock is an AppLocker or App Protector that will lock and protect apps using a password or pattern and fingerprint.

Lock Facebook, Whatsapp, Gallery apps with password and prevent the apps from being exposed by snooper!

\342\234\224 In addition to perfect lock, AppLock can catch intruders by taking a picture and even hide the fact that lock the app with fake error window!

The most advanced AppLock! try it now!

--- Main Features ---
\342\226\266 AppLock
Lock the app with a password to protect your privacy. e.g) Messenger, WeChat and any apps

\342\226\266 Catch Intruders
If someone access your app then, take a picture and send to your email.

\342\226\266 Fingerprint
Supports convenient and powerful lock with fingerprint sensor.(Samsung device or Android Marshmallow)

\342\226\266 Fake Lock
You can even hide the fact that lock the app with fake error window.

\342\226\266 Notification Lock
Blocks the locked app's notification message in the top notification bar

\342\226\266 Scalable Pattern
Scalable pattern size up to 18x18 than the existing simple 3x3 pattern.

\342\226\266 Smart Lock
Lock only specific time or auto-unlock when connected to specific WiFi or Blutooth.

\342\226\266 Multiple Password
You can set a different password for each locked app.

\342\226\266 Remote Lock
Lock or unlock remotely your device via SMS text.

\342\226\266 Home Screen Lock
Lock the whole phone using lock screen of AppLock instead of lock screen of system.

\342\226\266 Screen Lock
Prevents the screen turns off when running certain apps.(make use of Internet, E-Book)

--- App Features ---
\342\226\266 The first generation AppLock and verified by tens of millions of people to download the app until now.

\342\226\266 The app size is just about 3MB and working fast and lightly.

\342\226\266 AppLock provide a variety of features and detailed options than simple feature in other app.

\342\226\266 Supports 31 languages.

--- Other features ---
\302\267 Support PIN, Pattern, Password, Guesture, Fingerprint.

\302\267 Easy to lock/unlock using widget and notification bar.

\302\267 The user can decorate the lock screen. e.g) change a background the desired photo.

\302\267 AppLock supports the ability to reset a lost password.

\302\267 You can place the buttons arranged of password randomly.

\302\267 Restrict unlock attempts to prevent others continually to attempt to unlock it.

\302\267 Supports the ability to lock Outgoing/Incoming Call.

\302\267 Supports the ability to lock WiFi, Bluetooth.

\302\267 You can auto-lock newly installed apps.

\302\267 When running certain apps that can automatically rotate the screen (or vertical fixed).

\302\267 Guard private data, privacy and keep security and app protection/safer.

\302\267 In addition, it includes more features.

--- FAQ ---
1) How can I prevent AppLock to be uninstalled and delete?
\302\267 Please enable 'Uninstallation Prevention' option in settings, then AppLock is never uninstalled.

2) How can I prevent AppLock to be killed by Task Manager?
\302\267 Please install Helper, then, Task Manager can't kill AppLock.

3) Is there a feature for forgotten password
Yes, if you set your email or security QnA, you can initialize your password when you forgot password.

4) How can I hide pictures and video?
If you lock Gallery app then, other user can't see your photo and video.

5) Can't run(find) Smart AppLock(or AppLock disappears in App Drawer)
\302\267 if you hide Smart AppLock's Icon in options, and then AppLock will disappear. To run it, please put 'Widget' of AppLock in Widget List and click it.

6) Can't uninstall Smart AppLock.
\302\267 Please disable 'Uninstallation Prevention' option in Settings before uninstalling Smart AppLock.

AppLock uses the Device Administrator permission.(only used to prevent AppLock being uninstalled)

AppLock uses Accessibility services.

* App Name is changed from Smart App Protector.