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Tal Museri




07. 11. 2016




4.0.3 and up
Look No Further For The Complete Meals’N’Water Tracker App!
An incredible helper app for your 21 day fix/ 21 day fix extreme challenge or practically any organizing effort at a diet and better eating habits!

Let us give you decisive help in all your dieting efforts or even a tremendous 21 day challenge! Our app will give you any features you need to see the end of your hard work successfully!
Know what type of food you had and how much of it, at all times. Make sure you drink the appropriate amount of water. Even if you are not organizing a challenging diet, our app will be a big help in maintaining a healthy weight!
Nutrition and diet rules and schedules can be hard to maintain and keep track of. Using our app, you will be ahead of the challenge! With its features, you can:

• Experience an AMAZING user-friendly interface!
• Manage your meals like you're playing a game, try it and have fun!
• Intuitively move between app functions.
• Set goals for your challenge.
• Choose from a full variety of food items.
• View pictures of every food item for easy selection.
• Manage food portions easily.
• Set a desirable water intake, and get reminders only if you didn’t drink enough.
• Visually set half portions or half cups of water for greater flexibility.
• Type comments and notes for every day for later reflection.
• Plan your next day’s schedule.
• Know what your next meal will be so you can resist fast but unhealthy solutions.
• Undo, edit and update your inputs easily.

You won’t find a better tool to keep you focused and organized. It’s a professional assistant in your pocket whose only purpose is the achievement of your goals!

Have fun interactively building your meals. Know the exact time you had a meal or a drink of water. Our app saves and shows you the information you need! Nothing gets lost, ever, unless you decide it yourself. Type and save your notes and plans. Compare them to check your progress. You can do all that in an effortless, intuitive, smooth way!

Don’t settle for confused, poor-featured and hard to use apps. Try our app and you will forget all others!