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08. 10. 2016




4.1 and up
The 21 Day Slimple app is the simplest way to keep track of your 21 Day Program containers, exercises, and water. Fix it! Track it! Share it!

Why use this app? Simple, more bang for your buck! No other 21 Day app is simpler, gives you more features, more ways to track your progress, or better support! We will never claim to be number one but that's our goal :D

Compare and contrast our features with the others.

Some of the features include:
✔ the base 21 Day Program
✔ the extreme 21 Day Program
★ Switch between cycles to move forward!

Container Tracking:
✔ Don't just mark a container as used - know what meal it was used for!
✔ Customize the meal names - Breakfast, Shake, Lunch...
✔ 0.25 portion tracking
✔ Edit container portions anytime!

Food List
✔ Includes the updated spice it up food list. Viva!
✔ No more carrying your book around!

Daily Weight Tracking
✔ View your progress with each entry.
✔ Weight Report can be generated and saved!

Weight Progress Chart
✔ As you move thru the 21 days you will see your progress
★ Save and Share the chart!

✔ Track how your body changes!
✔ Before and After measurement tracking AND PHOTOS!!!!
✔ Focus Viewer - flip between before and after pictures!
★ Focus Viewer allows you to combine before and after photos - Add, Combine, Share!
✔ Measurement Reports show the change between each body part as well as total (inches or centimeters)

Water Tracker
✔ We don't always drink using an 8 oz cup so why track that way?
✔ Select between a myriad of water bottle sizes!
✔ Ounces and Milliliters
✔ Edit water quantity anytime!

✔ Stay Active and Hydrated This Summer!
✔ Set reminders throughout the day to drink water and get up and move.
★ Reminders sent to your smartwatch!

Grocery List
✔ Plan your trip to the grocery store! Create a list of foods you will need from the approved food lists - click to add!
✔ Includes the updated Spice it up food list. Viva!

Reports - Why track it if you can't view it?
✔ Cycle Measurement Reports (before and after comparison)
✔ Cycle Weight Report (all 21 days in one PDF)
★ PDF reports are available for devices with android 4.4 and above★
★ Share reports to email available for a devices!

✔ Add custom exercises to each workout.
✔ Custom exercises do not get wiped away with new cycles!
✔ Add multiple workouts per day!
✔ Add a note to each workout!
✔ Create custom 21 day workouts with your own exercises!
✔ Build you own 21 day extreme program!

Cycle Manager:
✔ At the end of your 21 day cycle just add another cycle.
✔ You will not lose all your data in this app when you start a new cycle!
✔ Reset current cycle without resetting the app!

★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★ QUICK QUESTIONS ★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★

★ How do I move to Day 2?
✔ The 21 Day Slimple app is a 21 day cycle-based timed app. The app will automatically increment to the next scheduled day at midnight (00:00 or 24:00 if you prefer - you should be asleep) of each day.

★ Can I change my Meal Plan?
✔ Yes!, anytime you want (not recommended). You can also edit your water target at anytime!

★ Do I have to lose all my information to start another round?
✔ Absolutely not! The 21 Day Slimple app includes a cycle manager. A cycle manager?! What does that mean Tone? It means that at the end of your 21 days you simply add another cycle and can track another 21 days.

★ Can I reset my current cycle without losing previous cycle data?
✔ Yes!

★ Does the app include the 21DF food list?
✔ Yes! The app includes the updated Spice it up list. Viva!

- several permissions are needed for upcoming features like backup and restore.
- Storage permission needed for report/photo generation and save.

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