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07. 31. 2016




4.1 and up
Smartloq Quotes is a fun addition to the new series of smartphone apps designed to keep you practicing, inspired, and developing permanent knowledge all day long.

With Smartloq Quotes you will find inspiration and wisdom delivered to you throughout the day.

• Apply Smartloq Quotes to your other apps...Games, Social Media, or any apps you choose
• Choose to be inspired by author, category, or randomly
• Select the range of quotes you would like to focus on. Smartloq Quotes comes with over 1200.
• Share the quotes you love
• Review your history, or access the full library

How Does Smartloq Work:

- Each time a paired app is launched, Smartloq will present a quote.
- Take a moment to read it.
- Tap the screen to see if you were correct.
- You can either 'love it' or 'dismiss it' .
- If you choose to you can share it with someone you know.
- The original app will launch after you tap either option.
- Smartloq does will never block you from getting to your favorite apps.

The Smartloq series was conceived from a student’s perspective to aid with the learning process. Smartloq functions like a security lock, but instead of requiring a PIN, Smartloq Quotes presents a single quote to read when you launch any paired apps. This delivers snippets of wisdom and inspiration throughout the day as you use your smartphone or tablet.

Smartloq also has access to the entire library and a full history log.

We hope you enjoy the benefits of Smartloq Quotes, and be sure to check out our other Smartloq subjects.