BS 7Poker (K-Poker)

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08. 14. 2016




4.0 and up
Across the table, you have players from all over the world, representing their nation, all competing for the championship title. Someone will win big, will that someone be you?

☆ A Korean twist on the classic 7-stud poker☆
Have more control over your winning hand! From the initial deal of 4 downcards, it will be up to you to forfeit one, reveal another, how to bet as you create your best hand!

☆ Bet easier, bet faster ☆
Keep up the intensity and flow of the game with one-click betting buttons.

☆ Winners only ☆
Each table has 5 players, each will have 20% chance of winning the round, only the winner gets to join the next level tournament, so every play is key!

☆ Recorded plays ☆
Impressive poker games should be experienced more than once! The Replay function records the game, so it can be viewed by others from all over the world.

☆ Instant leaderboard recognition ☆
Your success will be ranked amongst the best in the global leaderboard, represent your country and defend your title as the BS 7Poker champion!

☆ Top-up for free ☆
Every 20 minutes, get a free top-up of chips, so you can join the game without hesitation!

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