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Enneas Saga

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SkeinGlobe Corporation




06. 21. 2016




2.3 and up
Welcome to the world of Enneas Saga, adventurers!

9 races. 4 elements. 1 game. Lead your heroes and unfold the epic in this action-packed RPG.
Challenge yourself to over 300 different dungeons with your friend's hero.

Follow the gripping plot featuring a half-demon and half-human hero in Adventure Dungeons.
Collect Hero Stones in Hero Dungeons and summon cool heroes!
Try out different dungeons everyday with Weekly Dungeons.
Challenge yourself anew as you climb the Black Tower.
Defeat powerful angels in Descent Dungeons who are out to cleanse the world in destruction.
Stop the powerful boss that emerged from The Great Rift.
Discover hidden artifacts as you fight spirits of the dead in the Royal Tomb.
Join forces with other guild members in guild raids.

Experience a variety of adventures with simple controls and heart-pounding action.

In your adventures, you will be able to summon beautiful heroes of 9 races and 4 elements.
Combine your heroes for diverse strategies.

Consider your opponent's race and element, put together an optimal strategy, and make your name known in the Underground Arena!

● Download and play Enneas Saga for free.
● Internet connection is required.
● Some in-game items are available for purchasing.
● Enneas Saga is approved for all age groups.

● Obtain Hero Stones to summon heroes.
● Obtain heroes and various items from treasure chests.
● Challenge yourself to new dungeons as your team level rises.
● Compete with other players in various ranked competitions.
● Put together a customized team that can annihilate opposing teams.
● Make friends with other players and recruit their heroes.
● Exchange Coins with friends and guild members.
● Up your VIP Level without purchasing premium items.

[Contact Customer Support]
1. Adventurer profile menu (Main hero icon) > Contact
2. Customer Support Email: [email protected]

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