Palisade Password Manager

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Shoebill Software




09. 22. 2016




3.0 and up
Palisade is a hybrid password safe where you can store passwords and other information. Access your data quickly and conveniently on the go via Palisade’s responsive material design user interface.

Store usernames, passwords, notes and text, dates, phone numbers, email addresses, web and application links. Every record can be a unique, add fields simply and easily.

Create multiple independent databases each with their own passwords, encrypted securely using 256bit AES encryption, screen capture blocking and with no internet permission or access used. Palisade securely stores your data from third parties, accessible only to you.

Optional Backup and Restore via local folder, and upload to the cloud (DropBox, OneDrive, Google Drive, etc.)

Multi Window support on compatible Samsung devices, view Palisade side-by-side with other supported applications.

Please follow the link and read the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.