Seashells: Round Up Rewards

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Seashells: Round Up Rewards




05. 26. 2016




4.0 and up
Round up spare change and earn exclusive (15%) rewards at your favorite stores!

With Seashells you save and earn rewards on on every purchase, at every location, using any credit or debit card - and there is no effort required after sign up. You then choose where you want to spend your savings and rewards (180+ options to choose from). Rewards are instantly redeemable right from your phone (in-store or online).

Using round up savings, Seashells gives you a fun and automatic way to save money. Every time you use your credit or debit card we automatically "round up" your transaction to the next dollar and set aside the spare change for you (ex. buy a coffee for $2.20; we round it up to $3 and set aside $0.80 for you). In addition to the money you save, Seashells gives you a 15% bonus (free money!).