Fighter Utopia

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ji weiya




05. 26. 2016




2.3 and up
The most popular mobile game Fighters Utopia is the best game you’ve ever played in 2016. All the characters are so cute which are sure to get your juices flowing. Internationally famous heroes await your command. Enjoy thrilling combat scenes and full-screen skill effects. The earth is so dangerous. Why don’t you come to the utopia?
Wars have ensued for hundreds of years. Now, you can duel with superheroes across the world, create your own guild, besiege cities and even battle beasts to the death…Battles of glory can happen at any moment…

--Game Features--
[Duel with superheroes]
Over 100 super heroes are waiting to be summoned. Are you ready?
[Chaotic fighting, 24 vs 24]
24 vs 24!! You’ll never be alone. Just fight as you want!
[Dazzling full-screen skill effects]
Original 3D effects bring you high definition scenes and dazzling skill effects. Energetic in-game battles will get your juices flowing.
[Tap to slay enemies instantly]
Simply tap on screen to enjoy grand battles. The electrifying combination skills will shock you.
[Fantastic beasts help you in battles]
12 ancient beasts are ready to assist you on the battlefield. Fear their savage skills, feel their rage. Their skills may even the tide at the most crucial moment!
[Gear up for the most amazing equipment]
Enhancing deity equipment and awakening heroes guarantee an amazing appearance. Prepare yourself!