Slimperience Browser (AdBlock)

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Published by:

Sascha Haubold




07. 29. 2016




4.0.3 and up
Simperience is the new answer of the desire for having a lightweight, efficient and fast browser without loosing any functionality!

Whereas other browsers reach sizes around 50 Megabytes, Slimperience is only around 400 kB small. That's less than one-hundredth the size other Browsers!

Who thinks, with this small size there is a loss of functionality, will be wrong:

Slimperience brings tons of settings and personalization features and sets new standards with it's handling and it's design!


Extremely lightweight: Just ~386 kB apk size
Integrated AdBlocker
Very fast
Fully customizable: It has tons of settings and customization features
Unique theming engine: You might never have seen an app with such advanced design options
Modern design
Icognito mode: For private browsing
Desktop mode: If you like to use the PC layout instead of mobile layouts

Slimperience is still in development. If you have feature requests or you find some issues, please tell me. I will do my best to make this browser to a whole new experience of browsing :-)