the San Gamur heist

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Gemdor games




07. 12. 2017




4.0.3 and up
The San Gamur heist is fantasy, middle ages story about a simple magic shop keeper who happens to acquire a magical pendant called the Eye of Clairvoyant.
Through that, he outlines a great big heist he has always dreamed of: the largest loot in history.

He has to find the right people, make the perfect plan, then execute it. The prize is epic: more gold and power than the king has ever had. Literally, every king, ever, combined, past and future.

He's working with characters who have various backgrounds, and artifial intelligence to make their own decisions.
All in the name of coincidence, causality, and complex human-like personalities with habits, likes and dislikes, practices.

Along the way, he realizes the big picture is much more serious than he first thought.

It's a story that grasps back thousands of years, and grasps into another realm of existence.

Yet it's been started as a robbery.