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Rub\303\251n Mayayo




03. 23. 2018




Boost your browsing experience with Boost for reddit. Enjoy the best content of the most popular social news site.

Main features
\342\200\242 Intuitive Material Design user interface, highly customizable with thousands of theme colors combinations
\342\200\242 Customize browsing interface per subreddit: Cards, mini cards, image gallery, compact list or slide show to swipe between posts
\342\200\242 In-app media previews: images, gifs, gfycat, gifv, albums and videos with download and share options
\342\200\242 Filter posts by content type: image, album, gif, video, text posts or links
\342\200\242 Filter by subreddit, domain, author or keywords in titles
\342\200\242 Comments highlight and navigation options: Threads, OP, IAmA, Mine, Distinguished, Links, Search text, Search author.
\342\200\242 Beautiful home screen Widget
\342\200\242 Moderation tools for subreddit moderators
\342\200\242 And much more!

Switch views
Boosts allows to select different view modes per subreddit:
\342\200\242 Cards with big pictures
\342\200\242 Slide show to swipe between posts
\342\200\242 Image gallery for image based subreddits
\342\200\242 Mini cards with thumbnails
\342\200\242 Compact list and more...
All of them configurable including left-handed mode!

Boost supports advanced theme customization:
\342\200\242 Many base colors including light, dark and AMOLED themes
\342\200\242 Select any main color and 70 accent colors from Material Design
\342\200\242 Customize font type, size and color
\342\200\242 Save theme presets
\342\200\242 Switch between day and night modes

Keep your reading position while changing view types, themes or fonts. No refreshing needed!

\342\200\242 Do you want to only see gifs and videos? With content filters you can show or hide posts based on content: images, albums, gifs, video, text or links
\342\200\242 Filter posts by subreddit, domain, author or title keywords

\342\200\242 Color coded comments to enhance readability
\342\200\242 Scroll comments with volume keys
\342\200\242 Buttons to navigate between comments
\342\200\242 Expand or collapse comments threads, collapse all to only show top level comments
\342\200\242 Swipe back from comments instead of using the back button

Other awesome features
\342\200\242 Multi account support with secure OAuth2 login
\342\200\242 Split-screen mode for tablets
\342\200\242 Automatic data saving options based on network
\342\200\242 Mark posts as read on scroll
\342\200\242 Upload images in comments, posts or messages
\342\200\242 Change download foldes per file type
\342\200\242 Save full albums or selection of images
\342\200\242 Preview text formatting before submitting
\342\200\242 Save drafts for later use
\342\200\242 Subscribe to subreddits or add to favorites
\342\200\242 Swipe to open Sidebar
\342\200\242 Swipe up to close images
\342\200\242 Create and edit multireddits
\342\200\242 Spoiler support
\342\200\242 Search posts and subreddits
\342\200\242 Quick access to your saved posts
\342\200\242 Modtools
\342\200\242 Tag users
\342\200\242 Friends support
\342\200\242 Sync read posts for Gold users
\342\200\242 Synccit support

More features coming soon!

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Boost for reddit is an unofficial app. reddit is a registered trademarks owned by reddit Inc.