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01. 04. 2016




4.0.3 and up
- Connect and manage your Blue Iris software from your Android device.
- The new Blue Iris Remote app is rewritten from scratch using modern technologies.
- Get refund for old version. Continue reading.

*** Un check the "secure only" in the Blue Iris server to enable camera streaming ***

Main Features include:
- New GUI
- Up to three presets
- Traffic and profile control
- Live camera preview
- Live alerts preview
- Get server log
- Works with DynDNS and no-ip
- Follow the configuration instructions!
- Feel free to try: 24 hours refund policy
- Additional features on the way

★A full refund for the owners of the old Blue Iris Remote when purchasing this version★
If you own the old version of the Blue Iris Remote follow these steps:
1. Purchase this new version
2. In the app go to Menu > About > Refund
3. Follow the instructions.
Please Note:
Both of the versions (this one and the old one) have to be purchased using the same email account.

Additional Information:
- Configuration instructions:
- This is a third party app, not official.
- For support or any other issues use [email protected]