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09. 11. 2018




Meet Magic SMS for Android, the app that replies for you! It allows you to setup auto reply profiles (e.g. do not disturb), ensure there are no distractions in driving mode, send scheduled SMS, bulk SMS, and more.

SMS auto reply + Do not disturb - stay responsive automatically

SMS auto reply is for when you're busy, in a meeting, safely driving, having a good sleep etc. It will help keep you from being distracted by calls, texts and notifications. A do not disturb profile will run in background and it will automatically reply to your incoming messages and calls in silent, you’re in control and when and how this happens.

With Magic SMS you can:

- Setup unlimited auto reply profiles for SMS and Missed Calls auto replies
- Ensure there are no distractions with driving mode
- Setup recurring auto reply profiles for a specific day and time on a scheduled basis
- Reply to only contacts that you want to reply to and a seperate list of those you don’t want too
- Setup template profiles that help you quickly create new profiles
- See a simple notification advise you that a message has been sent
- View a complete Magic SMS message history
- And much more

Scheduled messages - SMS scheduler
Works like magic, scheduled messages allow you to send scheduled SMS. Whenever you want to send happy birthday text at midnight, send important business messages right on time, or ensure someone does something for you.

Features include:

- Send scheduled messages via SMS
- Send group messages
- Recurring schedules allow repeat messages
- Editable messages
- Sent message history
- View a complete Magic SMS message history
- And much more

Upcoming Features
- Scheduled emails
- Business version

Your Privacy
Magic SMS does not collect any personal information

Permission Usage Explanation
- Contacts: to add contacts or group contacts
- Phones: to reply to calls
- SMS: to reply to text messages
- Do not disturb access: Control “do not disturb” mode on your device

We’re always updating Magic SMS, with brand new features every few weeks.
Core features are free, but we offer a pro version with enhanced capabilities. Pro supports us and the many new features we are currently we are working on it.

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