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RL Designs




10. 02. 2016




4.2 and up

Must have Zooper Widget Pro to use this app. This is a set of 109 carefully crafted Zooper widgets along with 90 wallpapers to go with it. Also dash only shows 104widgets but there are actually 109, all can be accessed through Zooper. I will fix this with the first update next week. Big thanks to Zaibun Alexander for her weather set that I used and Kevin Aguilar too. Also thanks to Zan Cerne for 16 of his Wallpapers And a Huge thanks to my friend Sean Miller for his continuing help with my apps, he does all the technical work with dash and apk for me. And thanks to my friend Jon for his work with icon. Special thanks for dashboard and code from Polar Dashboard Patrick J, Aidan Follestad, Tom Wellington and Daniel Ciao. Please check out the 'About' section for their Google+ profiles and please Rate and Review app it helps a lot!