Blue Iris Remote Client

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RLC Designs Inc.




11. 30. 2016




4.4 and up
This app is designed to provide a complete mobile access and management portal to Blue Iris desktop software.

Now updated with a whole new user interface, making it easier than before to use!

Fully supports Blue Iris v4.x and higher of the desktop software, including running either in 'Secure Only' or non-secure mode, something most others are not able to do! Also allows switching from stand-by to active mode as well as changing the current profile.

Switching cameras just got easier too! Double tap on a camera view to switch from all cameras to single view and back. You can even control remotely the PTZ functions of a camera too!

For those who want to control bandwidth usage, the app allows adjustable image quality settings to help you control mobile bandwidth usage.

If you set the recording format to BIV file and use MJPG compression, you will see the quickest response times when switching and smoothest playback and live viewing of your camera streams.

Blue Iris Client is a third-party app, for support questions or issues please see our FAQs at or email us at [email protected]!