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Heidi Miller (Ravenleigh)




08. 18. 2016




4.2 and up
East Meets West is a theme I created for the IOS community. I'm extremely happy to be able to offer it now to all you fine people over here at the play store! How exciting! (well, for me it is) This is my first package to be ported over, so please be gentle in your reviews, ad I'm still learning. I also need to build up my data base, so those icon request you'll mostly likely have to do will be helping me quite a bit for my next themes. (I have at least 2 more whole themes to port over for you, tho I may just port them all eventually) Let's take it one step at a time tho and see how EMW does.

Icon requests will be handled first come, first serve, and I will try hard to fill them all, but I've been told to not be surprised with hundreds of icon requests. (don't scare me, ok? It's only me over here, and I do need to fix supper for the family ever now and then)

So, 533 icons to offer at this first posting, 16 wallpapers, and 5 Zooper Widgets. I do have more walls and widgets made, but thought I'd just start us off with these and see how it goes.