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05. 04. 2016




2.3.3 and up
First and Then is a virtual visual support app to assist people with autism and communication challenges transition calmly at home, school and the community. First and Then replaces the traditional visual supports that can be cumbersome, time consuming, costly to create and limited in function.

The first & then app is easy to use, with infinite options as personalised visuals can be selected from the camera roll, camera, google images and the apps photo library. To save time and increase functionality, frequently used storyboards can be saved for future use and visuals can be moved across the First and Then app. Text can be easily added to each image, supporting word recognition and language development.

The first and then app is designed by a father of two children with autism who works in special education, the first and then app is a tool to help parents, caregivers, educators and therapists reduce anxiety and facilitate a calm, smooth transition anywhere, anytime.

"First and Then" is designed for
- Carers
- Parents
- Those with autism
- Visual aid for situational stress relief of those considered neuroatypical
- Special educators
- Those with communication challenges

First and then is an amazing tool that can provide communication and directional assistance for those with autism and other communication challenges, where an app that provides first and then sequential visual representation is required.

The "First and Then" app was developed after years of using manual visual aids to communicate to and provide a calming stress relief for children with autism. We are amazingly proud of the first and then app, and the time and stress relief that it has provided for our family.

We hope that First and Then is one of many app developments that we will produce to assist parents, caregivers, and other to care for, value and help kids with many various challenges thrive and develop.