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Brave Diggers

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Reality Squared Games




05. 18. 2016




4.0 and up
Show me yours and I’ll show you MINE!

Welcome to Brave Diggers, an RPG mining adventure unlike any other! As you travel across the land, recruit familiar characters to your party, slay monsters, dig for minerals, upgrade your gear, and become a total bad-ass!

Brave Diggers is a lighthearted parody fantasy management game that values your time. Your characters never take breaks, even when you do. This means that even if you have class, work, CrossFit practice, week-long arctic expedition, or whatever else, you’ll never miss a beat in Brave Diggers! Simply play when you have time, and be greeted with a mountain of EXP, gold, and resources your party has collected while you were away. As you progress, your team will grow in both size and power, bringing you even greater rewards! Explore the world, and strip it of its resources in the name of glory!

★★★ Features ★★★

★Countless Heroes!★
Recruit as many as you can find, and use up to 25 of them at a time. You may even run into familiar faces! There are over 200 unique characters to find!

★Parody Humor★
The game is full of jokes and references to pop-culture characters and themes. Explore to experience it all!

★Mix & Match!★
Experiment with different hero combinations to unlock special Team Skills. Create different set-ups and builds to match the threat you face!

Craft unique weapons granting your party access to cool abilities.

Excavate the landscape to collect rare and precious minerals used to upgrade your weapons and hero accessories.

★Expansive world★
55 levels to discover and explore, with new enemies and rewards in each stage!

★Passive Progress★
Earn EXP and loot, even while offline. You’ll never fall behind in Brave Diggers!

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