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04. 18. 2016




4.0 and up
The maker of the best android antivirus app Quick Heal Total Security for Android, brings to you Fonetastic Free.

What does it do?

● Helps your device perform faster
● Enhances your phone’s battery life
● Helps you plan your data usage
● Blocks unwanted calls and messages
● Fights Android viruses and malware with the best android antivirus technology of Quick Heal
● Tracks your phone if lost or stolen


★ Optimize Speed
This power saver feature enhances your device’s performance by killing running apps that are idle and not being used.

★ Battery Optimization
This battery saving app for Android lets you keep a track of your device’s battery life, and kill running apps that drain battery power. It also notifies you with an alarm sound when battery level becomes critically low.

★ Floating Window
An easy shortcut that lets you free up RAM, kill running apps, and toggle between shortcuts like Wi-Fi, Ringtones, Bluetooth, Cache Cleaner, and more.

★ Secure Camera
Click photos using this feature, and they will be saved in the Gallery Vault automatically. Create a Secure Camera Shortcut on the device home screen to use the feature.

★ Document Vault
Store your private and confidential documents in the Document Vault. Documents saved in this vault remain private and are not visible in any document editor or file browser app.

★ Delete Personal Data
Fonetastic allows you to delete any sensitive data on your device permanently. This is beneficial when you are selling off your used phone or giving it away to someone.

★ Data Usage
Track and set your cellular data limit to manage your data usage. This helps you ensure that your data is not used unnecessarily.

★ Block Numbers
This mobile management app lets you block calls and messages from known and unknown numbers. You can blacklist numbers starting or ending with a particular series. Spam messages can be blocked based on the keywords you provide.

★ Privacy Advisor
Identity apps that might cost you money, harm your privacy, access the Internet or affect the overall security of your device, with this privacy protection feature.

★ Antivirus
Quick Heal offers the best mobile security against malicious and harmful apps with real-time virus scans, scheduled, background and cloud scans.

★ Anti-Theft
Fonetastic employs the Anti-theft feature of Quick Heal that lets you remotely lock your lost or stolen device and wipe its data. You can also track your phone’s location on a map. If your device SIM card is changed, this feature will send you a notification on your alternate contact number..

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