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06. 26. 2016




4.1 and up
QePon is designed to operate worldwide,
QePon services now operate in South East Asia, South Asia, Europe, and North America. And we thrive to reach other region to serve you.
Please send email to[email protected]if you have any problem regarding QePon Services at your location.

QePon is Phone Application based on mobile Voip (Voice Over IP) technology that can utilize multi platform, Internet data and multi operator connection to provide free telephony services. Qepon can operate at any type of Android Smartphone and soon will available at other platform. You can call your beloved friend, family and close related collegue without additional charge (free of charge). QePon utilize only internet connection like your web and apps, so you can use Qepon anywhere, anytime.

Qepon Feature
- Free Call Services
- Manage your push notification cycle with GCM HeartBeat
- Manage full wake up notification
- Manage Your Qepon Contact.
- manage your call log
- Hearing Ads (comming soon)

Don't wait! call first and feel free with Qepon