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11. 09. 2015




2.3 and up
Carista is a mobile application with which you can configure the way your car behaves and check its technical condition. Whether you want to unlock only the driver's door at the first click of the remote, or want all doors unlocked simultaneously, Carista can do that! You can also check your vehicle’s health in a user-friendly manner, thereby avoiding a trip to the service shop or at least being better informed when you go there. You simply have to plug in your OBD2 adapter and launch the app. Customization and detailed diagnostics are just a few clicks away.

Supported vehicles for advanced diagnostics and customization: see below or at:

Diagnose (OBD2):
Carista can check your vehicle's health and report any faults stored its computers. You can also clear any fault codes and reset your "check engine" light, as well as check if you're ready for emissions testing. This is a FREE feature.

Diagnose (Manufacturer-Specific):
Unlike other apps, however, Carista also gives you access to advanced manufacturer-specific diagnostics, including computers like ABS, airbag, navigation, etc. and gives you the ability to reset your airbag light, ABS light, traction control light, etc. This is a PAID feature, as a part of our Pro Package, at $19.99 for lifetime use.

Carista lets you change the way your car behaves: say you want your headlights to come on automatically when you start the engine; or you want the doors to lock when you start moving; or you want to change the type of beep that the reverse parking sensors make. Yes, Carista can do that (if your vehicle supports it, of course). Imagine the settings on your smartphone; it's like that, but for your car. This is a PAID feature, as a part of our Pro Package at $19.99 for lifetime use.

Hardware Requirement:
In order to use Carista, you need a Bluetooth OBD adapter - a separate piece of hardware that you plug into the vehicle's diagnostic port. You can use our own Carista adapter or a generic ELM327 Bluetooth adapter (just make sure it’s not fake/defective). See:

More info and help at

Supported vehicles for customizations & manufacturer-specific diagnostics:
1-series & 1-M (E81, E82, E87, E88 LCI): since 03/2007
3-series & M3 (E90, E91, E92, E93): since 03/2007
5-series & M5 (E60, E61 LCI): since 03/2007
6-series & M6 (E63, E64 LCI): since 03/2007
7-series (E65, E66 LCI): since 03/2007
X1 (E84): all
X5 (E70): since around 03/2007
X6 (E71): 2007-2013
Z4 (E89): since 2009

Cooper, One, First, Cabrio, Clubman etc. (R55/R56/R57/R58/R59/R60/R61): since around 03/2007
(F56, etc. are not supported)

IS (2014+, except IS-F and IS-C)
RC (all, incl. RC-F)
ES (2007+)
GS (2013+)
LS (2007+)
RX (2010+)
GX (2010+)
LX (2009+)
NX (all)
CT (all)
HS (all)
LFA (all)

86 / GT86 / FT86
4Runner (2010+)
Auris (2007+)
Avalon (2013+)
Avensis (2009+: T27)
Camry (2007+)
Corolla (2013+)
Highlander (2008+)
Land Cruiser (2008+)
Matrix (2009+)
Prius (2010+)
Rav4 (2006+)
Sequoia (2008+)
Sienna (2011+)
Tundra (2007+)
Venza (all)
Yaris (2006+)

Beetle (New Beetle) (2012+)
Caddy (2004+)
CC (all)
Golf/GTI, Jetta, Eos Mk5 (2005-2009)
Golf/GTI, Jetta, Eos, Scirocco Mk6 (2010-2013)
Golf/GTI Mk7 (2013+ [no customizations])
Passat, CC (2006+)
Phaeton (2007+)
Polo Mk5 6R (2010-2014) (6C facelift not yet supported)
Sharan (2011+ [no customizations])
Tiguan (all)
Touareg (2007-2009) [no customizations]
Touareg (2010+)
Touran (all)
Transporter/Caravelle/MultiVan (2010+)
Up! (all [no customizations])

A1 (all)
A3/S3 (8P: 2004-2013)
A3/S3 (8V: 2013+) [no customizations]
A4/S4/RS4 (B8: 2008-2015)
A5/S5/RS5 (all)
A6/S6/RS6 (C6, C7: 2005+)
A7/S7 (all)
A8/S8 (D3, D4: 2004+)
Q3 (all)
Q5/SQ5 (all)
Q7 (all)
TT (2007+)

Scion, Subaru, SEAT & Skoda: see web site