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Alexander Madani




07. 04. 2016




4.0 and up
EZ Notes is an outstanding new organizer, optimized for Ultimate Mobility, Time-Savings, and Efficiency. Please read the built-in Product Help for proper use.

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Our "Next-Gen" Voice Transcription design is providing countless world-wide customers with true "Hands-Free" Mobility. Simply speak your thoughts on-the-fly, and watch as your EZ Notes Pop-Up and Save INSTANTLY on your screen without any extra steps or initial editing ❢ We are the only organizer to offer this breakthrough innovation we call "Ultimate Mobility." High automation, zero bloatware, and single-touch instant functionality, result in the smoothest experience possible. Enjoy an indispensable organizer that is engineered to save you time every day.

Capture your thoughts & the Power of the Web
• Add instant voice Notes, typed Notes, To-do lists, and Sketched Ideas ❢ Empower yourself with useful Web services that help you quickly: Search Google & YouTube, Use Travelocity & Ebay, Post on Facebook, Easily pass data to other Apps, Shop Amazon, Price Compare, Lookup Medical & Dictionary terminology, and more !

Share your thoughts and ideas effortlessly
• Create Lightning fast EZ Notes, and share via: Email, Facebook, G+, Hangouts, and plenty more Apps. Use our EZ Sketch function (courtesy of "Markers" by Daniel Sandler) to draw colorful Diagrams, Solve Homework Problems, illustrate ideas, and easily post these to Facebook or share by Email. You can even use natural speech and numerous Text Markup features in our Outstanding Editor ❢

Find Notes Easily
• Our Search functions are EZ & Rapid. Our EZ Folders help you organize better and save time searching. You can also Color Code Notes. Unlike most Apps, we offer Swift Swipe gestures for automatic Deletion and Archival of Notes in one step ❢ Our EZ Undo function can recover up to 10 notes (not just 1). We even stamp these EZ Undo notes for instant identification. Our Trash Bin stores Swiped Notes for easy long term recovery.

Your Notes are always within Safe Controllable Reach
• EZ Notes keeps all your personal data within your pocket. We don't endorse syncing as it: invites App instability and bloat, exposes data to On-line Hackers (increasingly on the rise nowadays), and strains the smartphone. We believe Notes should always remain within your Safe Reliable Reach. You can also easily Transfer / Backup Notes to other devices such as: Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops or PCs (by easily using our EZ Export function).

We Respect your Privacy and Security
• EZ Notes will not "suck up" your data to a server somewhere on the cloud. Your data and activities on your smartphone are never collected nor sold for profit as Giant Corporations do with their Apps and Services. Unlike mainstream Apps, EZ Notes provides you the benefit of not tracking anything about your personal life, habits, or whereabouts. We do not collect your Search Terms on Search Engines, your Internet Browsing Activity, the Content Browsed by your installed Apps, Information from your Device (like Contacts, installed Apps, Music), nor do we endorse Tracking your location (we DO NOT use GPS sensor data to map your daily whereabouts as they do ! )

Our Technology Awards

✦ Instantaneous EZ Notes -- "Android Mag" (Germany)

✦ Note Taking Made Easy -- "Android User" (Germany)

✦ User-Friendliness and High Mobility -- "ITworld" (USA)

✦ App of the Week -- "TechDissected" (USA)

Developed in Beautiful USA
EZ Notes is Enjoyed by Thousands of
World-Wide fans needing Ultra Mobility.

We Provide Outstanding Support ❢
✔ EZ built in Product Help
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