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07. 17. 2016




2.3 and up
This app consists of a set of educational games formed by more than 300 images accompanied with sounds.
There are 10 different categories and 2 tests for each category once the child is able to recognize different images.
• The categories the app offers are:
-Fruits and vegetables
-Food and drink
-Nature and Environment
-The human body and clothes
• Tests:
Tests are puzzles where the child has to select the correct option:
- Image puzzle: the name of an object is narrated and the kid will have to select which of 4 pictures that are shown corresponds to the narrated name.
- Sound Puzzle: This is a test focused on living beings in which 4 images will be displayed and a characteristic sound of one of the living beings shown will play. After this the kid will have to select which living being corresponds to the reproduced sound.

This is an educational application aimed at preschool education which allows children to learn while having fun.
Children can improve different abilities like memory, attention and logic. All these skills are learned more effectively during the preschool ages. Children who do this kind of exercises at an early age tend to learn more about the world, improve their cognitive skills and learn to use information more quickly and efficiently. In addition, the application was developed under the control of a pedagogue.

• Characteristics:
-Helps to improve the vocabulary of the kid
- Helps to improve the visual memory of the kid.
- Helps to improve the auditory memory of the kid.
- Improves the perception of the environment of the kid.
- Helps to improve the reasoning of the kid.
- Contributes to the mental development of the kid.

This app is focused to kids belonging to the preschool group age, during this age they tend to develop their mental skills much quicker, thereby the app helps children improve their skills with mental exercises.

• App Features
- Education in 5 different languages.
- The voiceovers are done by native speakers with original pronunciation.
- Real animal Sounds.
- Photos of beautiful animals that will delight children.
- Adjustable background music.
- Simple and useful interface.
- Simple design.
• How to play and learn?
After installing the app language and background music is chosen at the settings page.
You can start learning by clicking on the desired category.
The child can hear the sounds of animals and when he touches their images in the category of animals.
Once the child is able to identify correctly he can start making the picture and sound puzzles.