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Fantasy squad

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Maktb Inc.




09. 11. 2016




4.1 and up
■■■■■ ■■■■■ game features
Be the counterattack ★ Recall the Colossus! ★
"Now that dominate the Colossus! Dominate the world. "
The best part of fighting back! Enjoy the adventure with the powerful summon Colossus!

★ 50 10 000 kinds of combinations of the squad! ★
There is no national fantasy squad deck!
Three heroes with a special squad combat system!
Try configuring your own squad squad to various kinds of 50 million!

★ ★ mature beautiful story
The story of a beautiful new world is right now, spread your eyes.
Enjoy with a RPG, fantasy squad truly meet central story!

★ fantasy squad but the chain system! ★
The characters entangled in a massive story!
Please configure the more powerful squad with a special chain system!

★ ~ When the desired dynamic real-time battles! ★
Kulgam that brings you be tired of stuffy teonje battle!
Embark on a new world of dynamic real-time adventure consisting Unite!

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◎ fantasy squad official cafe:

"Now the official accession Cafe 30 050 Gold Experience tickets, medals We give you 300!"

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