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07. 27. 2016




4.0 and up
How do you know about your pokemons' potential? Are you still thinking CP represents everything? Each pokemon has its own potential which is not displayed directly, you have to do a complex calculation to figure it out. A good trainer not only has varieties of pokemons but also knows how to determine which pokemon is good, then power them up to super pokemons! This is a tool which is convenient to use, you'll find it's so easy to decide which pokemon should be transferred and which one is worth evolving.
Step 1:
Open pokemon, select the pokemon you want to rate.
Step 2:
Select the pokemon's name in the app, input the stardust it needs to power up and current cp. Choose "Yes" or "No" depends on whether you ever powered it up.
Step 3:
Press GO! All the possibilities will be displayed.
Sometimes it will display more than one possibility, power up will help make the result more accurate. But before that, you need to notice wether it's worthy. If all the possibilities are lower than your expectation, then just transfer it. If one of the possibilities matches your expectation, you may want to have a try.