Server Status for Pokémon Go

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PG Monitor LLC




07. 20. 2016




4.0 and up
Provides notifications when Pokémon Go servers are back online after an outage. NO ADS!!

We are different. Not only do we collect data from multiple reliable sources on server status, but we also crowd source downtime information directly from global trainers! So the more everyone participates, the faster and more accurate our app becomes.

Simply let us know if Pokémon Go is working for you or not. If the servers are down, we'll send you a push notification as soon as our data tells us you can reliably login again. No more staring at the loading screen for hours on end!

10% of all app proceeds will be donated to help mistreated Pokémon at recovery centers across the globe!

Trademarks: "Pokémon Go" is a registered trademark of Nintendo. PG Monitor LLC is not affiliated with Nintendo, Niantic, or The Pokeman Company.