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Andrea Panico




06. 20. 2018




Simple shapes + Creativity + Love = Talitha

All Talitha packs together will let you feel the pleasure of Oreo's Adaptive icons, actually whitout Oreo itself.

A really simple and shiny icon pack family based on Material Design specs, with an elegant glossy finish.

Thanks to The Bold Geek for this review! (ITA only)
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In this variation the dominant shape is the circle, as already seen on Pixel / Pixel 2, this shape is clean and elegant.

--Some Specs!

-2000+ icons!

-A lot of Launchers supported!

-Vector graphic designs grant an awesome quality to every icon!

-The awesome dashboard lets you discover 20+ high definition QHD wallpapers!

-Icon Requests are managed by the dashboard too!

-Updates are granted for years, based on icon requests.
More users = More requests = More updates!
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