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01. 04. 2018




4.0.3 and up
Light Pollution Map allows you to easily locate dark sites where the sky will not be affected by light pollution, allowing the best observance, star gazing, and photography of the night sky! But it's not just a light pollution map. There's many more features and tools for the hardcore astronomer. You'll soon realize Light Pollution Map is the only app you need to master the night.Scroll down and read to see the most important features:

Light Pollution Map
Integrated Light Pollution Map helps you find the darkest places near you for the best viewing of the night sky. Includes the ability to save and load your favorite dark sky locations, fully adjust the light pollution map overlay opacity and map type, and a unique "horizon safe radius tool" to avoid light pollution on the distant horizon!

Cloud Cover Map & Temperature Info
With an integrated cloud cover map and temperature indicator, always know before you even step outside if it's worth going outside to see the night sky!

Aurora Overlay
Overlay an Aurora layer on the Light Pollution Map to see where the best viewing of the Northern Lights (Aurora) currently is.

ISS Tracker
Follow the international space station on a live map, see when it's flying above your location, who is currently on the ISS, view a live ISS webcam, and more!

Configure the app to send you alerts for the next meteor shower, super moon, or lunar eclipse. The app can also alert you when Aurora activity is high and viewing is good at your current location, and alert you when the international space station will be flying above you.

Moon Information
Find moon phases and moon rise and set times for any date and any location. Also see more detailed info about the moon for the hardcore moon observer!

Live Aurora and Magnetic Field Info
See live information about the aurora such as KP value, viewing probability, magnetic field Bz, Density, and speed.

Astronomy Calculators
Get access to many different astronomy related calculators!

Live Aurora Webcams
Explore live aurora borealis webcams from around the world, and also see live graphs of the magnetosphere.

Moon Position Tool
Always know where the Moon will rise or set for any location, at any time and any date. Also has Moon Rise and Moon Set times.

Night Sky Calendar
Find the best days for meteor showers, lunar eclipses, and super moons for any day, past or present.

Live NASA SOHO Images
See live images of the Sun from NASA's Solar and Heliospheric Observatory.

Enable and put widgets on your android home screen to show aurora information, cloud cover percentage, temperature info, and the time total darkness begins and ends.

And a lot more!
Some features are not available in the free version and may require an additional in-app purchase.

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