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07. 08. 2016




4.4 and up
We've all done it! Type a text and hit send — only to have your heart sink to the floor because you realized that you should not have sent that message. We’ve all been there, whether it was sending a text out of anger to an enemy, a alcohol-induced proposition to your ex girlfriend, and worst of all - the message that was typed for your girlfriend, and sent to your wife!

With NO REGRETS app, those days embarrassment are over. No Regrets allows user a double layer of security to ensure that messages get sent out, intentionally.

When sending your messages through No Regrets, and you have to confirm each message before sending it. You also have the option to set a buffer of up to 120 seconds before the text actually gets sent. Just go into your settings to set the timer. There, you can turn on notifications alerts, Sounds , or and even better block other users that you don't want to get texts from.

Finally, you can sleep comfortably... Knowing that you have No Regrets from the night before