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Tap knights : princess quest

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08. 08. 2016




4.0 and up
▶ Play Tip
1. data storage settings, please use frequently read function.
However, you must have an Internet connection at the time of saving and loading

▶ Game Features
[Quest System]
Tilt the infinitely-drenched monsters to achieve the quest to look into the rich in prize money!

[Level up system]
Let's to strengthen the character by using the money obtained from killing monsters.

[Reincarnation system]
And enhanced to the Princess skills in relics which can be obtained in reincarnation only, I do not fear anything!

[Mercenary System]
Please try to cultivate a total of 16 people of diverse character!

[Seoul Crystal Systems
Collect Seoul Crystal to summon a new mercenary, please try to raise the rating to be even stronger!

[Property system]
Please look at playing the game more easily by using each of the specific attributes

▶ error inquiry
Game of errors and other inquiries: please contact [email protected]
** Tab knights including coupon If you come to play in official cafe, a variety of events is in progress!