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10. 12. 2016




4.0.3 and up
Build your city and train massive legions to conquer real-world capitals in an MMO environment!

In Marching Legions, the cities are real — New York, Shanghai, Berlin, London, and 600 more real-world cities await their new lord! Claim cities and gain epic rewards to become history’s greatest ruler.

Looking for more battles? Control multiple legions, carry out ambushes in remote locations, and occupy strategic tiles to prepare your next move. Experience a whole new level of warfare in Marching Legions!

March into the world with your fellow alliance members today!


1. March into Real-World Cities!
A. Over 600 real cities to find and conquer
B. Take control of capitals for epic rewards

2. Worldwide Alliances
A. Cooperate with players from around the world
B. Coordinate real-time attacks in an epic MMO environment

3. Heroes and Legions
A. Historic heroes await your command
B. Upgrade your heroes to strengthen your legions
C. Combine different heroes and troops to discover endless strategies

4. Control Your Legions Strategically
A. Send your legions to remote corners of the world
B. Legions march, attack, and withdraw at your command
C. Utilize real military tactics like ambushes, decoys, flanks, and more
D. Strategy is real in Marching Legions!


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Marching Legions is optimized to work best on devices with OS version 4.0.3 or higher. Please update your Android OS if you have an older version. A network connection is required.