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06. 08. 2016




3.0 and up
What’s Telink?
Telink is a Social Network App featuring calls.
You are able to make secured, high quality and low cost domestic and international calls.
Additionally, free calls, chats, voice messages, stamps, photos, movies are available between Telink users.

Making calls through Telink
The special feature of Telink is to make secured, high quality and low cost calls.
You can make “Telink call” and “050 number call” through Telink.

1. What’s Telink call?
We offer secured and high quality calls as fixed-lines.
Domestic calls in Japan through Telink will cost you 50% cheaper than existing mobile services. (12yen/30sec.) !
You can make low cost international calls to over 200 countries.
※ [Telink Call] is not available with PHS.

2. What’s 050 number call?
You can obtain the second number with “050” : “050 number is IP-Phone in Japan”.
Two numbers are available on a single device to separate your public and private numbers.
You can use a “trick” to obtain a line number by adding “050 number” to your device for Data SIM without a carrier contract.
050 number call offers you high quality service despite IP-Phone. You can make a domestic call on 8yen/30sec in Japan.

Also you can receive any incoming calls in overseas and you are released from the risk of high roaming charges with your 050 number!
You can make international call to Japan while overseas on 8yen/30sec with your 050 number.

Free calls, one-on-one chats, group chats, etc.

1. What are free calls?
You can make free calls anytime and anywhere between Telink users.
2. one-on-one chats & group chats
You can chat like other Message Apps.
You can share notice to group members anytime.
3. Others
You can invite your friends via LINE, Kakao Talk, Facebook, Email, etc.
You can add your friends to your contacts by automatic updates, look-up with QR code, Search ID, 050 number.
You will enjoy your chats using voice message, stamp, etc.

Telink is the ultimate “low cost calling App” which gets the best out of third-party Apps, like LINE, Rakuten, FREETEL, 050Plus