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07. 25. 2016




2.3 and up
▶ Brand new, ground-breaking Go-Stop Game! Pmang New Matgo
Introducing, Mobile No1. Pmang New Matgo
Download Pmang New MatgoFor FREEnow!

The more you play, the more entertaining!
- Level up your character to grab more bonus money, safe limit, and many more~!!
- Invite your friends and colleagues to play Friend Rank games~
- You can play New Matgo both vertically and horizontally

Enjoy fast-paced, rewarding Multiplayer Games
- You can play VS mode games with actual players!
- Use your emotes to express your feelings!
- Control the pace of the game as fast as you like!

Participate in various events on daily basis
- Don't worry about losing game money! Enjoy the free game money we provide through various promos
- You can participate in the events and promos, simply by playing Matgo!

1. Pmang New Matgo is a free-to-play, free-to-download gostop game.
2. You can collect the biz by either playing the Gostop or events for free, and you can use them to play mini-ames
3. All the items you received from other game friends can be found in [My Box > Present Box]
4. You can invite friends, play ranked modes, and send presents to your friends only when you agree to your Terms of Friend Invitation.
5. You can edit your profile pictures in [My info] tab.

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