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Shadow Fight 3

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03. 09. 2019



KEEP FIGHTING. The world’s fate is in your hands!

SHADOW FIGHT 3 is an epic story full of infinite combat and exciting action. Choose one of the three fight styles or combine them. Prove yourself to be the greatest fighter of all ages!


BEGIN YOUR ADVENTURE across a big world map to meet characters you won’t forget. Of course, you’ll have to fight and defeat them! Immersive main storyline and many side quests are waiting for you.

WHAT KIND OF FIGHT TURNS YOU ON? Fight as a mighty Legionaire, an agile Dynast or a sharp-eyed Herald if you wish. Or use their best traits to create your own: a discreet ninja, a kungfu master, a boxing champion, etc. You can be anyone. Just stay a worthy opponent!

TONS OF WEAPONS, EQUIPMENT AND PERKS to try! And most of it granted with shadow abilities. Unleash the powers you haven’t seen before!

DUELS AND SECRET FIGHTS won’t win themselves! And sometimes friendly faces will give you some very special tasks leading you to very special boss fights!

We are Nekki. We create emotions!
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