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01. 07. 2018




4.4 and up
CloudBreak (a.ka. AOA Player in earlier version) can streams audio / video contents to Airplay Speaker, Apple TV, DLNA Speaker, DLNA TV. Chromecast HDMI / Chromcast Audio devices

Media files can be stored on your device's public directory, e.g. /sdcard/Music/ /sdcard/Movies/ /sdcard/video etc.

Version 3.0.0 adds support of streaming online contents such as: Beatport, Metatube, MixCloud, PromoDJ, Skunk Radio, SoundCloud, Youtube and thousands more online radios around the world.

Special Features:
1) Video and audio contents on android device and from multiple different online sources can be combined into same playlist and play to devices of your choice.

2) Support multi-room heterogeneous devices streaming.

3) Support transcoding.

4) Calibrate Auido on One of the remote speaker with Video on android, enjoy better sound from the hi-fi system while watching MTV on Android screen.
(if the Chromecast / DLNA devices support video display, you need to set transcoding to LPCM / WAV to force it to become a remote speaker to enable this feature. if both video / audio are coming out from remote TV, they are always in Sync, no adjustment is needed.)

5) Bookmark online contents into the Cloud Menu for quick and easy access.

6) Bookmark online contents into playlists for better categorisation and organisation.

7) Support password protected Airplay device.

8) Support Airplay speaker in different network (LAN) by manually entered IP address / port no.


1) Some content provided might include ads and pay services, they are needed by the content providers to support the content production and have No association with the developer of this app. neither do they generate any financial revenue towards the developer.

2) Online contents are provided by independent content providers around the world, the app developer do not necessary endorse the contents and their editorial policy.

3) Some FIFM links are not supported, for example, links with mms:// or rtmp:// schema or contents in AAC format are not supported. Some radio stations may not be available due to different time zone / geo restriction. Some radio stations may no longer available as time goes by. We do hope you can find the stations you like among thousands of links, bookmarks them and enjoy listening.

Refund Procedure:
Within 15 minutes of the purchasing, come back to this app in Google Play and select "Refund".

If you missed the 15 minutes window, Within 3 days of the purchasing, you can email us with the word "Refund" in the subject will do, if you wish, you are welcome to provide more feedback.

Special thanks to Fredrick Olshausen who designed the app icon for this project.