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08. 09. 2016




4.1 and up
NABUFIT is a groundbreaking new global online training and wellbeing portal that enhances your workout, by providing expert advice from highly skilled workout specialists current and former sports stars such as Neymar Jr., Peter Schmeichel and Michael Maze. The aim is to inspire and motivate you, to obtain a healthier and more active life.

The NABUFIT app will give you the opportunity to adjust your training to your own fitness- and skill level! With our user friendly app, you can bring your fitness to the next level by a simple swipe - PROGRESSION MADE SIMPLE!

In the first version you will be able to use the High-Intense 10-minute workout! We have developed a bunch of HIIT (High-intensity-interval-training) workouts which can fit in to a busy schedule and into your individual fitness level. Choose between Cardio, Strength, Plyo, Kettlebell, Plate and Senior

NABUFIT is a DYNAMIC and USER DRIVEN CONCEPT. We will constantly present new functionalities, new workouts and give you access to improve your skills within new sports. By joining our global community, you can GET INFLUENCE on future functionalities, workouts, nutrition etc.

NABUFIT is a fitness app designed to be used by anyone, anywhere at anytime

- Workout videos performed by sports stars and skilled workout specialists
- Customized workouts. Choose between Beginner, Intermediate and Advance level with a simple swipe.
- Choose between cardio, strength, plyo, senior fitness, kettlebell and plate.
- Instructional videos of all exercises
- Workouts validated by sports professors
- Bodyweight workouts.
- Workouts with equipment
- General nutrition plans
- News section
- The NABUFIT community. Join in and make your opinion count
This initial version only shows a glimpse of what NABUFIT plan to offer. More is soon to come as the continuously evolution of new sports and wellbeing areas are developed, as well as new functionalities

All content will be free of charge in the introduction period.